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Steps-Strategies are based in North West of England and designed to cater to Independent Hotels for their growth. Specialising in Revenue Management and Sales & Marketing are our key principles of our operation. Over 30 years of involvement in hotel management in Middle East, Central Asia and Europe has given us the skills and experience to undertake any challenges whether it is big or small.

Steps-Strategies is the brainchild of Ajith Hettiarachchi, designed & moduled to help independent hotels to overcome their shortfalls in revenues and profits. With over 30 years of experience in hotels in The Middle East, Europe, and Central Asia and due to the success of last two properties, which was managed has prompt me to take this challenge to create Steps-Strategies.



Solutions to increase your revenue, profits and growth.



Our aim is to support independent hotels in their journey to achieve growth in revenue increases and profitability via simple, yet efficient revenue analysis, strategies, sales & marketing initiatives, and operational excellence.


What We do

Equipped, skilled, and experienced to take all revenue management aspects under one roof to assist any expectations. We advise on various sales & marketing initiatives to drive revenues forward. This is not only UK based, but on an international level due to expertise and business level. Website development is another aspect we have undertaken to help independent hoteliers to broaden their exposure into various markets from a very cost-efficient perspective.

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We provide solutions for success

Our Method – simple, methodical, strategic
Our Work – transparent, inclusive and logical
Our Results – measureable and driven as a team

Over 30 years of experience in Hotel

Management, Revenue Management,

Sales & Marketing and hotel operations

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